DIY Infused Calendula Oil Recipe

DIY Infused Calendula Oil Recipe

This DIY Infused Calendula Oil Recipe is so easy you’ll be asking yourself why you never tried it before now!  The uses for Calendula Oil are endless.

What is an infused oil?

Infused oils are when you gather flowers or herbs and soak them in a carrier oil for an extended period.  This allows the oil to extract all the properties or compounds of the flower or herb.

Items needed to make the DIY Infused Calendula Oil recipe

  • Dried Calendula flowers
  • Carrier oil

Using dried Calendula is preferred

  • Fresh herbs or flowers can cause bacteria growth because they could be holding water

Let’s get started!  There are 2 methods to infuse.  Either method is easy, however, the Quick-Heat Method takes 1-5 hours, Folk is 4-6 weeks.

The Quick Heat Method takes between 1-5 hours.  Here’s how to infuse with this method.

  • Place herbs in crock-pot, double boiler, or electric yogurt maker, and cover with your preferred carrier oil.  Make sure to leave at least an inch or two of oil above the herbs. 
  • Gently heat the herbs over very low heat: 100° and 140° F for 1 to 5 hours. You want the oil to take on the color and scent of the herb.
  • Once the oil is cooled, strain.
  • Bottle in a dry, sterilized glass container.  Make sure to label and date.

Folk Method for Infusing herbs:

  • In a clean, dry jar, place enough dried calendula flowers to fill jar 1/3 of the way full.
  • Cover the herbs with a carrier oil, filling the jar to 1 inch from the top.
  • Stir the mixture, screw on a tight lid, and allow it to sit in a dark, warm spot. Shake every couple of days.
  • Strain the mixture after 4-6 weeks and store.  Remember to label & date the jar.

Benefits of your DIY Infused Calendula Oil

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • High in fatty acids which moisturizes and hydrates
  • Aids in wound healing
  • Reduces skin irritations
  • Slows the production of wrinkles
  • Reduces scarring
The Rooted Haven Calendula Oil
The Rooted Haven Calendula Oil

Your skin will LOVE the Calendula Oil.  

If you don’t want to make or have enough time.  Contact The Rooted Haven to purchase a bottle of this wonderful healing oil.



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