Handcrafted enriching body lotion

Handcrafted enriching body lotion

Handcrafted enriching body lotion is not difficult to make at home.  Your biggest decision is which blend of butter and oils you want to use. There are many combinations to consider.

Why should I make whipped body butter?

Whipped body butter is ultra-moisturizing, hydrating, and non-toxic. 

After studying/reading about the best ingredients for what would make an easy to apply, non-greasy, whipped lotion; mango butter was chosen. 

Why mango butter?

Because mango butter is awesome!  Mango butter is emollient, highly moisturizing, and very nourishing. It also eliminates itchy,  dry skin and protects from UV rays. 

Mango butter contains high concentrations of Vitamin C, which research shows stimulate the production of collagen.

The Mango butter smell is not as strong. When an essential oil is added you can smell the oil scent rather than the mango butter.

The whipped body lotion includes Safflower oil.

We used Safflower seed oil for its ability to reduce skin inflammation and its significant role in wound healing. Safflower oil contains a large amount of linoleic acid.  This works as an analgesic and antioxidant lessening the appearance of aging.  It also works to help restore the collagen that has been lost due to environmental factors such as UV exposure. Linoleic acid also opens the skin to moisturizers. Safflower oil is a penetration enhancer, making the skin more receptive. Safflower oil contains both omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids.  This is important for skin function and appearance.  Safflower seed oil can be truly beneficial in a variety of skin problems. 

By combining these two ingredients together it makes a whipped body butter/lotion with incredible health benefits.

The step for the body lotion scent.  Using essential oils I customized it to the preference.

Lastly, the body butter is packaged in an amber glass jar.

You will love how this lotion/butter makes your skin feel.  

If you don’t have time and want to order, go to www.therootedhaven.com 

Handcrafted enriching body lotion

3/4 cup butter or combination of butter (shea, mango, cocoa, coconut)

1/4 cup oil (sweet almond, safflower)

10-20 drops of essential oil of your choice

In a double boiler melt the oils on low heat until opaque.  Next, cool oils until partially set.  Add essential oils. Use a mixer to whip until fluffy with stiff peaks.  Package in a container or jar.  

Body Butter Lotion
Body Butter Lotion


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