Uncomplicated steps for Sweet Almond Lavender Oil

Uncomplicated steps for Sweet almond Lavender oil

These easy Uncomplicated steps for Sweet almond Lavender oil will excite you to make.  The best-infused oils are the ones made from fresh-picked flowers. Lavender oil is so relaxing and simple to make.  When infused in the oil, it smells just like the plant itself.

The purple lavender flowers known as spikes and buds have many uses.  They brighten up a room with the lavender aroma. 

Lavender gardens are gorgeous.  The height smells, and beauty elevates any backyard or large field garden.  The gift of a Lavender garden gives back year after year.

The Lavender fragrance gives the mind: 
  • wellness
  • calmness
  • reduces anxiety
  • reduce heart rate
  • decreases stressful feelings
Uncomplicated steps for Sweet almond Lavender oil

1 sterilized quart jar

Dried Lavender leaves/buds

Carrier oil of your choice (sunflower, jojoba, sweet almond)

Fill your quart jar with dried crushed Lavender buds.  Pour carrier oil over buds completely covering. Seal with a lid. Store in a warm dark area for 4-6 weeks; gently shaking daily.  To finish the oil, after 4-6 weeks, strain and discard the buds. Shelf life is 1-2 years.

Uses for Lavender Oil
  • soothing sore muscles
  • massage achy muscles
  • relaxing irritated skin
  • sunburns
  • bud bites
  • providing moisture to dry cracked skin

You can also the Lavender oil as for massaging on babies or children right after nighttime showing or bathing.  Simply massage on the body.  It’s the perfect time to relax and prepare for a wonderful night of sleep. The fragrance provides for a calming and peaceful feeling.

Give as a gift

Homemade gifts come from the heart.  People love receiving homemade gifts. Since lavender oil is so versatile, it is the perfect little gift. It is both thoughtful.  Find a special, or unique bottle and fill it with Lavender Oil. Your friends and family will love it.

Make other products using the Lavender Oil
  • Baby balm
  • Butter butter
  • Air fresheners
  • Lotion bars

Lavender oil also blends well with other essential oils such as lemon or rose

Trying making your own Lavender oil.  You won’t be disappointed. Or order yours www.Therootedhaven.com

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