What is Cuticle Serum?

What is Cuticle Serum?

What is Cuticle Serum?  Cuticle serum is a cuticle conditioner that hydrates cuticles, nails, and skin. It helps keep cuticles smooth and strong, as well as softening cuticles and skin for easier removal of cuticles. Cuticle serums should be rubbed into cuticles daily for maximum benefits.

The Rooted Haven Cuticle Oil
The Rooted Haven Cuticle Oil

Dry or cracked cuticles are painful and can hurt! There are a variety of oils, butters, and other products that you can buy. However, you can simply make one yourself. They can customize to your specific needs. And it saves a lot of money with very little time taken to make.

Reasons that cuticles become brittle and irritated

– Cuticles become dry due to weather conditions (sun, cold, wind)

– Skin cuticles are cut too low

– Excessive hand washing and use of harsh cleaners on hands

How cuticle serum works:

A cuticle serum is an oil based moisturizer that moisturizes cuticles and the skin around cuticles

 Ingredients that you can use to make your own Cuticle Serum:

  1. Rosehip Seed Oil nourishes hair follicles, it can nourish the nail bed and cuticles, improving healthy nail growth and reducing brittle nail growth.
  2. Carrot Seed Oil: rejuvenate and regenerate skin and nails. Carrot Cuticle Oil helps to keep nails strong and healthy and keep cuticles soft and manageable.
  3. Apricot Seed Oil helps protect from dryness and provides nourishing moisture to cuticles.
  4. Almond Oil helps to naturally restore nail health. … In addition to providing protection, and make your nails a glossy shine.
  5. Coconut Oil is great for treating brittle and cracked nails as well as damaged cuticles because of its moisturizing properties,
  6. Jojoba Oil is rich in vitamins E and B, Jojoba helps to repair damaged collagen inside nail beds, improving strength and promoting healthy nail growth.
  7. Olive Oil moisturizes cuticles and nails. Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is perfect for a quick and simple nail and cuticle treatment. Applied regularly, extra virgin olive oil will strengthen your nails and boost the moisture of your cuticles.
  8. Walnut Oil is rich in antioxidants including Vitamin A, vitamin B6, Vitamin E and Folic Acid. Nourishes cuticles and nails with high levels of proteins, vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids.
  9. Shea Butter helps moisturize cuticles.  Also will strengthen your nails and heal damaged beds and cuticles.
  10. Cocoa Butter contains healthy fats that keep cuticles from cracking and flaking, as well as helping to mend cuticle tears. It is also a great source of Vitamins A.
  11. Vitamin E oil  is useful as a cuticle softener and protectant.
  12. Castor Oil is high level of ricinoleic acid makes it great to use on cuticles and nails. It helps cuticles become stronger and thicker to prevent tears and breakage.
  13. Aloe Vera Gel is a great cuticle moisturizer and cuticle conditioner. It contains anti-inflammatory properties which help calm the skin, making it a good cuticle treatment for people with cuticles that are prone to inflammation or irritation.
Essential Oils to add to the oil:
  • Myrrh essential oil best essential oil to help nails grow. With its moisturizing properties. Myrrh protects fingernails from becoming brittle, thin and breaking. anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, which help cuticles stay moisturized. Treats cuticles that are prone to infections or irritation.
  • Lavender oil Is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial agent with antioxidant properties. Lavender cuticle oil can help cuticles stay moisturized. It reduces any inflammation in cuticles and surrounding skin, allowing cuticles to grow healthier.
  • Clary Sage Oil Contains anti-inflammatory properties that keep cuticles from cracking or peeling.
  • Tea Tree oil cuticle oil, which contains antiseptic properties that fight bacteria on cuticles and in surrounding skin. Treats cuticles that are prone to infections or irritation.
  • Peppermint Oil cuticle oil works as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent for cuticles and nails. It can help prevent infection by fighting off cuticle bacteria. Peppermint oil also promotes healthy cuticles and nails since it moisturizes cuticles with its rich antioxidant ingredients.
  • Eucalyptus Oil anti-inflammatory properties that prevent irritation of cuticles or surrounding skin.
  • German Chamomile Oil  calms cuticles while promoting healthy cuticles and nails. It heals dry cuticles and any cracks on cuticles, keeping them moisturized.
How to make Cuticle Oil

1 oz Rosehip Oil

.25 oz Jojoba Oil

10 drops Vitamin E oil

Essential Oils:  Myrrh and Lavender

Mix together and pour into a clean glass dropper bottle.  Use daily.

***Oils may be changed and substituted for personal preference

Enjoy your cuticle oil.  Please contact The Rooted Haven to order.


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